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Divorce Courting: Adventures at the First Ever “Start Over Smart” Divorce Expo (

The first woman _The Transom_ met at the divorce expo was an attractive dental
hygienist from Staten Island who once walked in on her then-husband as he was
engaged in a_ ménage à trois_ with her two best friends.

“Most girls would have really been devastated,” said **Lisa Slayback**, a
bubbly 33-year-old with flowing blond hair and a perky smile. “I just went out
and slept with somebody he worked with.”

Sally Hershberger sprays a divorcee (photo credit: Ken Goodman)

Ms. Slayback was attending **“Start Over Smart: A Modern Divorce Expo”** at
the Metropolitan Pavilion, the first of its kind in New York City, which aimed
to offer those fresh off a divorce useful advice on how to gather their wits,
their finances and their sex appeal. She had read about the expo in the_
Staten Island Advanc_e and paid $75 for a ticket on Saturday.

Then she met **Sally Hershberger**, the Hollywood hair stylist who was
offering $800 haircuts for free at one of the expo’s several booths, and with
a sassy new ’do, she was feeling chipper.

“What’s really nice here is nobody’s pushing you to buy anything. It’s all
really about you,” she …

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